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New Hampshire

Appliance Repair Services

We service all major brands of appliances

As premier providers of appliance repair services in New Hampshire, we’ve dedicated ourselves to nurturing our family-owned business, fostering growth one customer, one appliance repair, and one referral at a time. Our commitment lies in delivering top-notch appliance repair services, customized to meet your needs. We eagerly await the chance to assist you with any appliance troubles you encounter, offering expert advice to ensure your machines in New Hampshire run smoothly for years to come.

With over 15 years of experience repairing refrigerator issues, we are ready to rush to your rescue. We service all refrigerator makes and models and we are fully insured.

Whether your washing machine is leaking, not draining, displaying an error code or doing all of the above all at once, our knowledgeable appliance repair technicians are ready to help.

Has your dryer “thrown in the towel”? If your dryer is not heating, noisy or taking too long to dry your clothes, it’s time to call in the pro’s!

Dryer & Dryer Vent Cleaning is an often overlooked service that is likely robbing your home of energy efficiency as well as creating a hazardous and potentially flammable condition.

If your dishwasher is leaking, leaving dishes dirty or hazy, not drying or anything in between, our pro’s are ready to turn that undercounter appliance into a lean, mean, dish cleaning machine!
If your oven won’t preheat or your burners are giving you any trouble click or call and we’ll be there on the double!